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July 19, 2022 3 min read

Not everyone is familiar with the many charms and uses of pepper jelly.  We know that. In fact, one question we hear a lot here at Grandma Jones Pepper Jelly is “Whatdo you actually do with this stuff?”

Normally, we like to say that the only limit to what you can do with our pepper jelly is your imagination. For folks who aren’t used to any kind of jelly other than strawberry or grape, though, that may not be very helpful. While Pepper Jelly is just as good as a spread for toast or a sandwich (seriously, try a pepper jelly PB&J sometimes; your tastebuds will thank you), one of the most popular uses for pepper jelly that we’ve heard from customers is as a dip.

It’s true. Pepper Jelly fans love serving it as a condiment for all kinds of snacks, from homemade biscotti to sweet potato fries. Whether you’re new to pepper jelly or you’re a long-time connoisseur, we have a few suggestions for the best ways to enjoy pepper jelly dip.

Try Pepper Jelly Dip with Toast, Crackers, and Pretzels

What goes better with something crisp and crunchy than something sweet and gooey? This taste and texture combination is a classic treat that’s hard for anyone to resist. Choose a sweet variety of pepper jelly dip, like Grandma Jones’ Pomegranate Pepper Jelly, then dunk your choice of toast points, buttery crackers, or salty pretzel sticks for a healthy snack that’s low in fat but high in flavor.

Try Pepper Jelly Dip with Cheese and Charcuterie

A charcuterie board features meat, cheese, fresh fruit, and two kinds of pepper jelly dip

Pepper jelly dip isn’t just good for solo snack time; it’s perfect for party spreads as well. No charcuterie board is complete without some mouth-watering dips and spreads to compliment the assortment of fresh fruits, cured meats, salty olives, and various cheeses. Different flavors of our pepper jelly dip pair well with different kinds of cheese, so feel free to experiment with sharp or creamy styles to suit your preferences.

Try Pepper Jelly Dip with Tortilla Chips and Veggie Sticks

When most people think of jelly, they think “sweet.” But that’s not the only thing that pepper jelly dip can be. In fact, we carry several varieties of Grandma Jones’ Pepper Jelly that are bright and savory, ideal for dunking tortilla chips or veggie sticks. For a taste of the tropics, try our Caribbean Mango Pepper Jelly. Or, if you really want to heat things up, give our Habanero Pepper Jelly a shot. It’s a scrumptious and super-spicy alternative to traditional salsa

Pepper Jelly Makes a Delicious Dip, Spread, Glaze, or Marinade

Whether you’re enjoying a late-night snack by yourself or you’re entertaining guests at a fancy party, pepper jelly dip is always a tongue-tingling delight. That’s not the only way to enjoy Grandma Jones’ Pepper Jelly, though. In fact, there’s no shortage of uses for this uniquely sweet ‘n’ spicy treat!

Making pulled pork for the big neighborhood cookout? Pepper Jelly works great as an ingredient for barbecue sauce. Looking to give lunchtime a fiery kick? Spread Pepper Jelly on a homemade panini. Need inspiration for your next dinner party? Glaze or marinate beef, chicken, and fish with Pepper Jelly for a taste that’s sure to wow your guests.

You can even eat Pepper Jelly straight out of the jar. It’s just that good!