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June 16, 2022 3 min read

Do you have a sweet tooth? It’s okay, you can admit it. Deep down, everyone enjoys a sweet snack from time to time, even if it means a couple extra miles on the treadmill later.

Here at the Jones household, we’re no different. We love our cookies, crepes, cheesecake, you name it. There is one way we’re alittle bit different, though. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, even when it comes to dessert, we just can’t stay away from Grandma Jones’ Pepper Jelly. Offering a whole lot of sweetness with just a hint of spicy heat, our pepper jelly is great on its own, spread on toast, or used as an ingredient for a variety of treats. Try some today and see for yourself!

5 Sweet Pepper Jelly Snack Ideas

If you’ve got a craving for a tasty treat with a bit of heat, we’ve got some awesome must-try suggestions for you below. Spice up your snacktime with our sweet pepper jelly!

1. Homemade Cookies

Every grandma loves baking cookies, and Grandma Jones was no different. When she wasn’t scooping her fresh-made sweet pepper jelly into jars, she was using it as a filling for shortbread sandwich cookies or our favorite: cheesy thumbprint cookies.

The sharpness of cheddar pairs well with the light tartness of our Traditional Pepper Jelly, making for a scrumptious snack that takes the classic treat to a whole new level.

2. Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars

What could possibly go better with sweet pepper jelly than smooth, creamy peanut butter? Peanut butter and jelly go together like… well… peanut butter and jelly! Instead of settling for a plain ol’ PB&J sandwich, though, why not try something a little more advanced?

Don’t worry, it’s notthat advanced. Simply beat together peanut butter with a stick of butter and some brown sugar, then blend with oats, flour, baking soda, and a little salt. After that, spread the mixture into a baking pan, spread some Pomegranate Pepper Jelly evenly across the top, cover with that with some more oats, and bake the whole thing in the oven until golden brown.

3. Dessert Crepes

A plate of homemade crepes served with pepper jelly

Crepes are fancy, fluffy, and flavorful. They’re also surprisingly easy to make and, best of all, they go great with a drizzle or dollop of Grandma Jones’ sweet pepper jelly.

All you need to make a plate of delectable dessert crepes is a thin batter made of eggs, flour, milk, and water, a frying pan, and a little practice. When you’re done, simply add sweet pepper jelly on top and maybe a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Either way, it’s sure to please.

4. Cream Cheese Bites

This one is a big-time favorite in the Jones household. As we mentioned earlier, cheese and pepper jelly pair together extremely well, so it’s no wonder our sweet pepper jelly cream cheese bites are such a big hit.

If you want to try them for yourself, check out our recipe for cream cheese bites and give it a spin. All you need is some cream cheese, some puff pastry, some sweet pepper jelly (of course), and half an hour of free time. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re delicious.

5. Pepper Jelly Cheesecake

Cheesecake might very well be the reigning king of desserts. Sweetened cream cheese, fruit topping, and a crispy, crunchy, crumbly crust; what could be better?

How about sweet pepper jelly cheesecake made with Grandma Jones’ Cranberry Pepper Jelly, grated cheddar, and just a little bit of minced garlic? Is it unconventional? Sure. Is it irresistible and unforgettable? Absolutely! 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Our Tasty Sweet Pepper Jelly

Are you in the mood for something sweet? Spicy? Savory? Sour? Grandma Jones’ Pepper Jelly hits all the right notes, no matter what you’re hungry for. With a diverse assortment of flavors and heat levels, there’s sure to be a variety of sweet pepper jelly perfect for pleasing your palate.

Use it as an ingredient for baking, as a glaze for savory dinners, as a spread for toast, a dip for chips, or eat it right out of the jar. There’s no wrong way to enjoy Grandma Jones’ Pepper Jelly. Try it today!