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April 10, 2023 2 min read


Pepper jelly, with its delightful combination of sweet and spicy flavors, has become a popular addition to many culinary creations. While it's often enjoyed with cheese and crackers or as a glaze for meats, there are many other unexpected ways to incorporate pepper jelly into your dishes. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore some unique and delicious recipes that feature pepper jelly, offering a fresh perspective on this versatile condiment.

Frank's Red Hot Chicken Bites with Pepper Jelly

Frank's Red Hot Chicken Bites with Traditional Pepper Jelly (by Grandma Jones' Originals)

I. Pepper Jelly in Breakfast Dishes

A. Pepper jelly with sausage and eggs of your choice

Upgrade your classic breakfast by adding a sweet and spicy pepper jelly. Scrambled or sunny side up eggs with sausage complements the bold flavors of the pepper jelly, creating a delectable and indulgent breakfast dish.

Pepper Jelly Breakfast (by Grandma Jones' Originals)

Pepper Jelly Breakfast (by Grandma Jones' Originals)

B. Spicy pepper jelly and bacon breakfast sandwich

Elevate your breakfast sandwich by spreading a layer of pepper jelly on your toast or English muffin, and then stacking it with bacon, egg, and cheese. The sweet and spicy notes of the pepper jelly enhance the savory flavors, making for a mouthwatering morning meal.

II. Pepper Jelly in Savory Dishes

A. Pepper jelly glazed salmon

Brush your salmon fillet with a mixture of pepper jelly and soy sauce before baking or grilling, creating a sweet and spicy glaze that pairs beautifully with the rich, flaky fish.

Pepper Jelly Glazed Salmon (by Grandma Jones' Originals)

Pepper Jelly Glazed Salmon

(Featuring Caribbean Mango Pepper Jelly by Grandma Jones' Originals)

B. Spicy pepper jelly pizza

Transform your homemade pizza by drizzling pepper jelly over the top before baking. The unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors adds an exciting twist to your pizza, whether you opt for a classic Margherita or a more adventurous topping combination.

Spicy Pizza

Spicy Pizza - Drizzle with Pepper Jelly

C. Pepper jelly-infused chili

Stir a dollop of pepper jelly into your chili for a subtle yet tantalizing touch of sweetness and heat. The fruity undertones of the pepper jelly meld perfectly with the savory flavors of the chili, creating a harmonious and satisfying dish.

Add one or more dollops of Pepper Jelly to make Pepper Jelly Chili

Add one or more dollops of Pepper Jelly to make Pepper Jelly Chili 

III. Pepper Jelly in Desserts

A. Spicy pepper jelly and chocolate brownies

Give your chocolate brownies a surprising kick by swirling spoonfuls of pepper jelly into the batter before baking. The sweet heat of the pepper jelly adds a unique depth of flavor to the rich, chocolatey brownies.

Pepper Jelly Brownies

Add 2-3 tablespoons of Pepper Jelly to your chocolate brownie batter

B. Pepper jelly thumbprint cookies

Upgrade your classic thumbprint cookies by filling the center with a dollop of pepper jelly instead of traditional fruit preserves. The sweet and spicy jelly pairs beautifully with the buttery, crumbly cookie, creating a delightful and unexpected dessert.

thumbprint cookies

Pepper Jelly Thumbprint Cookies

Replace the fruit filling with a spoon full of your favorite Pepper Jelly


Pepper jelly can add an exciting sweet and spicy twist to a wide variety of dishes, from breakfast items and savory entrées to indulgent desserts. By experimenting with unexpected pairings and recipes, you can elevate your culinary creations and impress your friends and family with your innovative use of this versatile condiment.

Traditional Cheese and Cracker Tray with Pepper Jelly